The Vortex Disc Blasters are the most popular and the latest type of Nerf gun. The Vortex Nitron Disc Blaster is the particular favourite on the market. It has 1 capsule including 20 discs and can shoot a disc up to 50 feet away.

If you are planning on getting a good quality water gun, I highly recommend the Nerf Super Soakers. Australia’s favourites are the Super Soaker Thunderstorm, the Tornado Strike and the Hydro Cannon. The Thunderstorm can squirt up to 25 feet away. My personal favourite is the Hydro Cannon which can shoot up to 35 feet away. Last but non least the Tornado Strike, it can fire up to 20 feet away.

A few months ago Nerf released a new game called Dart Tag. Dart Tag is a game where you wear a velcro vest. The darts also have velcro on them, so when the dart hits its target it sticks to it. As in the name dart tag is like the well-known world-wide game of tag. This game is almost exactly like tag, but with darts. As like tag, if you get shot you’re it and you have to shoot the other person back.

N-strike Nerf guns are loved by many people. I have got the Recon gun I recommend because you can change it into 4 different guns, it also comes with 2 capsules, 12 orange tip darts are included and 6 red darts for the clear version.It also comes with 5 changeable parts (including the red dot light and the spy glass) to put on the Tactical rail.This gun is perfect for any mission especially at night. The new Barricade is a quick shooting gun that is fit for nearly every mission it comes with 10 whistle darts. This gun is the fastest shooting N-strike gun.

To find out where to get all these cool Nerf guns and more check out the Hasbro Nerf  Gun website.

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